Researching the families of West, Harris, Trimmer, McDonald, Prater, Moose, Stockburger, Daugherty, Elliott, Atchley and Haney


Fall is finally here, after deadly spring storms and a hot and drought ridden summer.

After a lenghty absence from my research and updates, I am slowly getting back into my genealogy research, so please bear with me. Many of you have supplied me with extremely valuable information that I have not been able to post. I am working on that and want to say thank you for your hard work as well.

So far, ve done well with my genealogy 2011 New Year's resolutions. I've spent more time doing reseach, re-organizing my files, watched several webinars, and learning some new tricks. One I'm most proud of is my blog West Harris Family Genealogy Blog.

Check out the What's New corner to see what has been added in the last 60 days or so. Maybe you can help with Mystery Photos and my Most Wanted. You never know!

There are over 2,100 indivuduals on this site which is the result many hours of research documenting all the different branches that are in my tree. And like most family research, it's endless and ever changing. I hope you can benefit from any of the information provided here. And if you have any questions, additions, suggestions, or any other comments, please contact me.

At the present time, I'm am not accepting any new users due to a large volume of 'spam' and fake requests being received. However, if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me.

I'm still learning the "guts" of the programs involved and hope to update the information as much as possible, with a goal now of at least monthly. And hopefully, be able to add new features to the site.

Not all images or documents have been uploaded, and a few will not be uploaded, so some of the photo links may not function. This is because I may not have the owner's permission, may have copyright issues, or contain private/personal information. Please remember that most of the photographs are copyrighted so please do not copy them. If you would like a copy, please contact me. I have moved the majority of my data into a new program and there is some tweaking to be done.

NOTE: I'm not a professional genealogist, I just have a passion for genealogy. So some of my documentation may not be up to professional standards, especially some of my early citations. So, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information provided and there may be several "typos" also. I'm still learning and improving my skills. There may some individuals that may not have documentation or sufficient documentation listed. It could be that either that documentation hasn't been uploaded or there hasn't been enough to disprove their relationship.

Our Blog NEW! Research Blog A blog about my reasearch is up but is still being tweaked. Let me know what you think!

Coming Soon!Books of Interest Books of Interest A collections of books, some of which deal with local histories.

NEW!Liberty Hill Church History Liberty Hill Church of Christ History A brief history from 1820 to 1976.

Jonas On Indian An Indian Uprising Read the newspaper article about Jonas Prater and his Indian motorcycle. This will open up a PDF document.

Liberty Hill Church of Christ Liberty Hill Church of Christ Anniversary In May 1929, this tiny church celebrated its anniversary. Read about its history and the 2nd Sunday in May meeting.

William Calvin McDonald William Calvin McDonald A personal history of W. C. McDonald 1840-1920, a Confederate Civil War soldier and a pioneer family of East Ridge, Tennessee. This will also be updated as this is a work in progress. So check back.

NEW!The Book Store The Book Store Purchase books, etc., securely!


email imageIf you have any questions, comments, suggestions or corrections about the information on this site, please contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.